2023 Remixes Reel One – Madala Kunene

Madala Kunene – the true African Bluesman and King of the Zulu guitar – has a long history of being interpreted, copied, remixed and loved by generations of young musicians, producers and DJs. Bafo’s (as he is lovingly referred to) first dance hit was Ubombo, a Drum’n Bass remix by Bristol duo Smith & Mighty, which was released in 1997 on MELT2000’s Music With No Name Vol.1 album and CD.

The 2023 Remixes Reel One EP starts off with Igwababa by Swiss DJ and producer SYOST, who features a blend of organic house, deep house and afro-tribal sounds with live-recorded instruments and SYOST’s signature live guitar performances.

Black Motion needs little introduction except that they have a long history of working with Madala Kunene’s music, starting with a Tribute on their first album, a collaboration that also involved drummer & Madala’s friend for five decades – the late Mabi Gabriel Thobejane. In 2023, they released Rebirth Of the Drum with a remix of Abangoma – one of Bafo’s most liked songs. For the release on M2KR, Black Motion created a version allowing Chris Lewis and myself, Robert Trunz, to work on their mix – the NORTH LONDON MIX.

Sanibonani was the choice of the Deeper Kings Duo with Morena Eric Lenkoe and long-standing producer Castro B, who worked on remixes of practically every MELT 2000 artist.

3rio Symphony is a cutting-edge and creative music production team blending creativity and innovation to craft unforgettable sonic experiences. The team’s passion and imagination turn every composition into a symphony of emotion, setting new standards with their remix of Washa.

OddXperienc Music is a gifted duo from South Africa’s soulful/vocal house music scene. The partnership is between DJ and producer Edwin Baloyi, known as ‘Ed Iz Odd,’ and the equally talented Kgomotso Ramahotswa, referred to as ‘Kaygee Iz Odd’. Their musical journey together began in 2008 when they joined forces in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. The “Manikiniki Iz Odd” remix is a journey through the pulsating beats and melodic rhythms crafted by OddXperienc.

We conclude the album with a 2023 live recording from the Westville Theatre Club (Durban, South Africa) of one of Madala Kunene’s unforgettable duo performances with guitarist Guy Buttery. It’s a new unplugged version of Konko Man – the first album and song to be recorded by MELT 2000 in 1995.


Enjoy your first REEL of many to-come musical journeys through the works of Bafo & his many Friends.

Robert Trunz

2023 Remixes Reel One – Madala Kunene 3rio Symphony Black Motion Deeper Kings Guy Buttery Madala Kunene Oddxperienc Osaze Syost
  1. Artist:Syost
    Track Name:Igwababa V.10 Mix
    Engineer:Chris Lewis Mastering
    Producer:Silvan Jost
    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz

  2. Artist:Black Motion X Osaze
    Track Name:Abangoma London Mix
    Engineer:Chris Lewis Masterin
    Producer:Thabo & Osaze
    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz

  3. Artist:Deeper Kings
    Track Name:Sanibonani Africa
    Engineer:Chris Lewis Mastering
    Producer:Morena Eric Lenkoe & Castro B
    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz

  4. Artist:3rio Symphony
    Track Name:Washa Mellow Mix
    Engineer:Chris Lewis Mastering
    Producer:Thabang Mabasa, Tyrone Stalmeester, Sthembiso Kekana
    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz

  5. Artist:Oddxperienc
    Track Name:Manikiniki Iz Odd Mix
    Engineer:Chris Lewis Mastering
    Producer:Kgomotso Ronald Ramahotswa & Edwin Tiyani Baloyi

    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz

  6. Artist:Madala Kunene & Guy Buttery
    Track Name:Konko Man V.2. Live
    Engineer:Guy Buttery & Chris Lewis Mastering
    Producer:Guy Buttery
    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz
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