2023 Remixes Reel Two – Madala Kunene

Producer and DJ Zee Da Pro commonly known as DJ Zee returns with a long awaited new remix. The 2023 Legacy Remix single features South Africa’s legend Madala Kunene. Zee Da Pro remixed the epic song “Mfo ka Sbhebu” from Madala Kunene’s album 1959 which features another icon, the late Hugh Masekela – lovingly referred to as Bra Hugh by his fans back home.

Hugh Masekela contributed one of his beautiful trumpet signature lines to the original recording of Mfo ka Sbhebu.

1959 was the year when, at the age of eight, Madala Kunene and some members of his extended family were trucked away by the Apartheid government to go live in the then relatively new township of KwaMashu in Durban, South Africa. The story behind “Mfo ka Sbhebu” says that after the Battle of Ulundi, Queen Victoria had Zulu King Cetshwayo arrested demanding 60 000 heads of cattle to be paid to the British army before granting him a hearing. It was Zibhebhu who took it upon himself to work for the release of the King, moving around and collecting the cattle from the Zulu nation.The song is asking Zibhebhu’s son, about where he thinks he would find cows to pay the lobola (dowry )for his bride after all the cows collected by his father were given to the Brits.

  1. Artist:Zee Da Pro
    Track Name:Mfo ka Sbhebu Legacy Mix
    Executive Producer:%executive-producer%
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