Music with No Name – Global Africa, vol 4 (Genres are so yesterday)

Message from Monde:

When I heard that Kwelagobe Sekele and myself have been given an

opportunity to embark on this project, I was very excited and optimistic that

we would do justice in remixing the art of musicians we look up to so greatly,

so we immediately accepted to the honor.

We decided to call it Global Africa because we have been on three European

tours before we began the project and were exposed to a lot of music from all

over the world. This opened our hearts, minds and ears to a lot of possibilities

of approaching this jewel, not only musically but emotionally too.

Being the producer of this project, I researched other methods of composition

techniques that would broaden the feeling of the album and take the listener on

a futuristic musical journey.

Each piece spoke to me in its own mystical way and I responded in the most

honest and nurturing manner possible to me at this time. Making this project

a certain genre would have been limiting and would not have opened my heart

to listen to what the universe had to contribute.

I took every melody, vocal, guitar lick etc. and listened to them individually.

They all had a story to tell but the universe was offering different harmonies,

rhythms, textures and emotions to compliment the music and for me to choose

from so I accepted. I was like a little kid in a free candy store tasting everything

and finally choosing what my taste buds found fascinating.

The powerful, mystical voice of Busi Mhlongo, the hypnotic Madosini, the

rhythmic trance of Mabi Thobejane and Thabang Tabane's drums and vocals,

the deeply rooted and honest guitars of Madala Kunene and the amazing

brass arrangements of Square Window, fused perfectly with my approach to

these emotions. Dance Hall, Galactic, Drum & Bass, Deep House, Trance etc.

fused with hypnotic chords, funky drum grooves, soothing melodies and

energy filled basslines was the recipe I chose to fulfill creating great music for

the listener and preserving the passion that these artists deliver.

The musicians involved namely Kwelagobe Sekele (Lyricist and co-producer),

Frank Magongwa (Bassist) and Bafana Nhlapo (Vocalist) were not chosen by

me but by the music itself and they blessed it unselfishly. Thank you guys.

Time stood still and Music With No Name Volume 4 Global Africa : Genres

are so yesterday, was born and we love her. Thank you for the opportunity.

Live without fear!

Monde Mkhizwana aka Monde.

Producer, composer and drummer

All music mixed and remixed at Wirelessheadz Productions, Pimville, Soweto, South Africa

by Monde Mkhizwana. email : [email protected]

Co-produced, realized and coordinated by Kwelagobe Sekele (PO Box).

email : [email protected]

Mastered in London by Chris Lewis. [email protected]

Executive Producer : Robert Trunz

Photo of Kwelagobe Sekele by Luc Velu Vekeman. email : [email protected]

Design : Jon Kemp @ JKDesign London. email : [email protected]


Cover artwork by Jon Kemp showing a picture of Madosini
  1. Artist:Madala Kunene and Monde Mkhizwana
    Track Name:Isiqomqomane - Petros Sekele and Binginkosi William Nhlapo
    Engineer:Monde Mkhizwana
    Executive Producer:Robert Trunz
Electric Melt/MELT2000
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